100 days

A daily vlog sharing short and to the point advice about planning a world trip with your family.

Day 26 to 48 - Shit got real

In today's video I catch up on the last 23 days and how we have now offically moved from planning a world trip to getting ready for a world trip and SHIT HAS GOT REAL.

09 June 2021

Day 25 - Volunteering

In today's video I talk about the different ways we hope to volunteer as we travel and the many options available to you.

18 May 2021

Day 24 - Entertainment

In today's quick video, it is about how we plan to have some downtime and chill, be it watch a movie, read a book or listen to something.

17 May 2021

Day 23 - Immunisations

Today's video is all about immunisations, what you need, the costs and what it means about your route if you do or don't get them.

16 May 2021

Day 22 - Camera time

In today's video I give a review of the DJI Pocket 2, Insta 360, GoPro Hero, Insta Go2, Canon M50 and iPhone Lens.

15 May 2021

Day 21 - The Maldives

You can't explain how amazing The Maldives until you have been, but there are many things to do there, particularly watersports and chilling.

14 May 2021

Day 20 - What about your stuff

In today's video I go through storage units, a spring clean and how everyone wants your BBQ when you leave for a year 😁.

13 May 2021

Day 19 - Feeling ****

Today is a very quick video of what happens when you feel **** and unable to progress things with planning or have to possibly change everything.

12 May 2021

Day 18 - Sounds and audio

In today's video, it is all about sound and how we can consume audio as we travel and what devices we need to take with us.

11 May 2021

Day 17 - Questions from children

In today's video, I will share some of the recurring questions we have had from our and other children about the trip.

10 May 2021

Day 16 - UAE

This video is all about the UAE and, in particular, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where we plan to visit for our first international destination (hopefully 🤞).

09 May 2021

Day 15 - Budgets

So how do you budget for a world trip? In today's video I share how we aim to do this, though TLTR is that I have no idea, we have solutions from ways to manage daily spends and costs such as transportation

08 May 2021

Day 14 - Country research

In today's video I talk about the dossier we are creating on each country of key information we want to know that we have found difficult to find from a centralised source.

07 May 2021

Day 13 - Waterparks

Today's video is all about WATER PARKS!!!! I try and talk calmly and slowly during today's video but at some points I just get carried away.

06 May 2021

Day 12 - Visas

All about visas and the process you need to go through to get them for the countries you want to visit. Fortunately holding a UK passport makes this process very easy.

05 May 2021

Day 11 - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an awesome country and a place close to my heart, mainly because it changed my life after spending months there in 2005

04 May 2021

Day 10 - Going monthly

Today is all about how we now need to move our lives into a 30 day rolling contract world.

03 May 2021

Day 9 - Online communities

Though luckily the role of online communities has kind of saved the day and created a greater wealth of knowledge and information to help us prep for this adventure.

02 May 2021

Day 8 - Working as you travel

I share how we have changed our working life to remote working and over the next year I plan to work in some different ways.

01 May 2021

Day 7 - Connectivity

I go into detail about staying connected as you travel, understanding sim cards, WiFi access, security and the small and even smaller print of international roaming fees.

30 April 2021

Day 6 - the UK

I wanted to share how we are going to use this time as a transition state to help us adapt to living out of a suitcase before our first international flight.

29 April 2021

Day 5 - Home schooling

How we plan to home school our children as we travel, keeping them up to the expected level of the UK curriculum.

28 April 2021

Day 4 - The back up plan

Though we are optermistic about our trip we have to also be realistic and setup a backup plan or 3.

27 April 2021

Day 3 - Money as you travel

Today's video was interesting to research, to understand the different ways banks and credit companies work and the many many hidden fees.

26 April 2021

Day 2 - How do you navigate the globe

I talk about the actual route we plan to take around the world and how you can "hack" stopovers and turn them from a pain to some enjoyment.

25 April 2021

Day 1 - Why travel the world

So after much procrasination, here is day 1 of my 100 day daily vlog talking about planning a world trip.

24 April 2021